Eyewear website design for a retail store
Eye See You!

EYES Canada was a multi-location chain of eyewear retailers that had locations in Kamloops, Saskatoon, and Regina. I was the designer on a small marketing team that completely redesigned the website from the ground up. I also tackled many other brand collateral items for both digital and print.

The previous website was a non-responsive, ancient design from the late 90s, so EYES Canada was looking for a much-needed upgrade. The object of the website was to push people to the store locations, as opposed to being e-commerce-focussed. Each page was packed full of information, and CTA’s pushing the users to contact their closest store, so it was up to me to lay this out in an uncluttered, clear layout.

Eyewear website design for a retail store

A part of pushing people to the store locations was achieved by introducing campaigns of limited-time offers. These campaigns were also fueled by aggressive email marketing pushing people to landing pages that I designed.

Eyewear website design for a retail store

EYES Canada ran a special offer for Canada’s 150th Birthday. They required a unique landing page for the event, which included some custom graphics and a diversion from the normal EYES Canada brand colour scheme. This landing page was accompanied by an email newsletter campaign driving the visitors to this landing page.

Mobile-ready landing page for eyewear website design for a retail store
Landing page for eyewear website design for a retail store

Aside from the website, I also designed many brand collateral pieces for print, including brochures, rack cards, business cards, and presentation folders.

Eyewear rack card print design for a retail store
Eyewear print design for a presentation folder for retail store