Kamloops Pride brand development
Colourful & Proud

The Kamloops Pride Association approached me to design their logo to use on official documents and marketing materials. The icon in the final logo is a ‘K’ formed out of two halves of a rainbow. A bold font was paired up with the icon to help balance the thickness of the ‘K’. Afterwards, I designed business cards and stickers to round out the small brand.

Business card print design for Kamloops Pride brand development

Thanks to the image of a rainbow, the number of colours used in the palette was large. The client was confident that the main use of the logo would come in the form of digital advertising, and digitally printed materials, so the bloated colour palette was manageable. The main font was altered slightly on the “K” in Kamloops to mimic the same arching shape of the icon to the left of it.

Colour palette for Kamloops Pride brand development
Sticker design for Kamloops Pride brand development