Leaf the Plastic Behind

Nu Bags Sustainable Solutions provides plastic-free alternatives to single-use plastic bags. Their products are for sale at an ever-growing number of stores across Canada. Through Outer Limits Creative, Nu Bags reached out for help redesigning their logo and creating other brand collateral. The brand development included a versatile logo, a distinct icon element, a website, signage, and stationery.

Nu Bags required an icon element that could be independent of the primary logo. This icon is for fabric tags on the product as well as other executions where the full logo or name is not required. The icon is a slightly thicker, more compact variation of the main logo, with the text removed and the leaves taking a higher prominence.

The original logo for Nu Bags used a generic leaf icon that wasn’t unique to the brand. After analyzing the original logo, I determined there were a handful of other improvements that I recommended. Not only was the original leaf not unique, but it also was detached, which made it appear to float. I fixed these issues by reimagining the design of the leaf, creating a sprout of two leaves, and connected the stem of the leaf to run continuously to the hexagon-shaped outline. I also added slightly rounded corners to the hex to soften up the design. Finally, I changed the typography to tighten up the kerning and thickened up the font, so it had a sturdier appearance.

The website for Nu Bags is a one-page scrolling layout. This produces an easy-to-use interface for users to navigate. For the design, I incorporated ample amounts of texturing to the backgrounds to add dynamic elements.

No Leaf Unturned

NuBags had an existing brand that contained a hexagon enclosure that required a new design to include a unique leaf icon. I proposed three variations of the leaf. The below options are what didn’t make the cut.